About Us

At Choice City Physical Therapy, we’re committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional care in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The practice was founded in 2018 and is owned and operated by Sam Fischer DPT. It was created with with the goal changing the rushed and often busy/overwhelming experience of outpatient clinics.  We strive to provide  exceptional one-on-one care, focused on individualized patient goals and backed with the latest evidence in functional human biomechanics and pain science.  This ultimately results in quicker outcomes, increased patient independence and decreased costs.

Functional Biomechanics....and why it matters

Functional biomechanics involves understanding human body movement (whether be a joint, muscle, limb) in a 3D environment. There are 3 planes of motion that occur simultaneously in the human body with all movement.  Those planes are sagital (forward/back), frontal (side/side, think jumping jack), and transvere (rotation). Functional biomenchanics not only looks at those combinations of motions, but also at the reactions that occur in other parts of the body when movements are made.  Most rehabilitation to date focuses on isolating motion in one of the three planes.  While this is effective at gaining motion early on in recovery, it does not train the body to perform natural movements in all three planes simultaneously; movements that are needed in everyday function (walking, reaching, picking up groceries, throwing a ball, vacuuming).......YES, throwing a ball happens every day. 

The human body is an amazing thing. Our movement is task driven.  For example, bending down to pick your shoe up off of the ground (there is your task).  Everyone might do this differently, but they are not consciously thinking exactly what motion comes from where (those are the reactions).  Some people might squat and reach out in front, some might do the "golf ball" or "bird dipper" approach, while others might keep their knees straight and bend from the hips and back.  All of these approaches require different motion, different mechanics, and cause different reactions and motions throughout the system. Your body is a chain reaction, any limitation in that chain can cause issues elsewhere.  For instance...knee pain.  Chances are that unless you were running down the road, tripped and smashed your knee on ground...the knee is most likely not to blame.  More than often than not knee issues arise from limitations at the hip, foot, or both.  In this case, simply treating the knee without addressing the cause of the problem will provide you with temporary results at best.  The goal of restoring functional biomechanics is individualized on a case by case basis, but follows the same general rule.  Restore strength and range of motion to limited planes, restore tri-planar stability, train for the task..... comfortable, fluid movements will follow.....and ultimately decreased pain.