Foot and Ankle

Choice City Physical Therapy Foot and Ankle

Feet are amazingly complex parts of the body.  They play an integral role in all function once you are standing upright.  They are designed to become flexible to absorb impact when you hit the ground, yet also to become rigid to propel you forward with every step.  Toss variable surfaces and footwear into the mix and it is no surprise that eventually aches and pains appear.  There is a saying "when the foot hits the ground, everything changes" and it holds true.  Most functions of the foot/ankle and lower limb function very differently in a weight bearing environment (standing) vs non-weight bearing (laying on the table).  These differences should 100% be taken into account when evaluating a foot/ankle issue. The foot also works in close relation to the hip and vice-versa.

What types of foot problems can physical therapy treat?

  • Balance and gait problems​

  • Plantar fascitis 

  • Achilles tendinits

  • Post surgical (bunionectomies, achilles repair, fusion, etc)

  • Ankle sprains

  • Arthritis

What will physical therapy for my foot or ankle entail?

Because there are many causes of foot/ankle pain, you will receive a complete evaluation on your first visit.  Often times foot pain can be caused by external factors (hip weakness/tightness, footwear, orthotics/inserts, change in activity, etc).  Your physical therapist will look at all contributing factors a make an individualized treatment plan for you.  Occasionally when a footwear or orthotic modification is needed you will be provided with resources or an appropriate referral to have that completed.  We will work with you one-on-one to get you back on your feet!