Hip and Knee Pain

Choice City Physical Therapy Hip and Knee Pain

Your knees and hips are the largest joints in your body and are very closely linked when it comes to pain. When these joints start to show issues it can make getting around much more difficult.  Generally speaking the earlier you address any issues the faster they will be resolved and the impact on your life will be minimized.  Often physical therapy can help avoid surgery and limit dependence on pain medication. 


What is causing my hip or knee pain?

Hip pain can be felt from a number of sources.  Worn out joints and arthritis from years of wear and tear can cause significant pain a limitations.  In some instances fluid filled sacs around the hip can become irritated and inflamed causing a painful bursitis.  Pain may also be felt from irritated or "pinched" nerves that go to and throughout the hip.  Your physical therapist will complete a full evaluation of your pain, range of motion and possible causes.  Most of the time hip pain can be greatly reduced with conservative therapy treatment.

Knee pain can be caused by many of the same items listed above.  There are also ligament sprains/tears or meniscus damage. More often than not hip mobility and strength have an integral role to play in knee pain and rehabilitation.  With a full evaluation our therapists will be able to identify the structures involved as well as provide you with a detailed stretching and strengthening program to help reduce pain and improve function.  If necessary we can also facilitate referrals for surgical consults. 

If you are ready to get to the source of your hip and/or knee, we are happy to help you navigate the road to recovery.