Owner/Physical Therapist

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Dr. Sam Fischer

Here's the boring professional bio that I'd put on a resume. Scroll down for the real info you might care about. 


Sam graduated with a doctorate in physical therapy in 2012 from the University of Rhode Island. He has seven plus years of professional experience in outpatient orthopedics, specifically focused on functional biomechanics, rehabilitation, and training.  He has also work in the home health care environment and facilitated the transition of care from home bound to outpatient. Prior to completing his doctorate degree Sam obtained a Certification in Pedorthics and worked in a busy outpatient facility as a foot/ankle specialist providing orthotic fabrication and professional shoe fitting services.  He has attended multiple continuing education courses focusing on foot/ankle and lower extremity biomechanics, shoulder injuries, as well as spine rehab.  He recently obtained a Certification in Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute which focuses on movement analysis and individualized treatment prescription.  Prior to moving to Colorado in 2014, Sam developed a program that provided local high school track and cross country teams with free injury prevention screenings and professional shoe fitting services. He was also involved at the University level where he developed and provided guest lectures on foot/ankle biomechanics and diabetic foot care.

OK....now let's get to the real stuff. You may be asking why I'm telling you this.....well, why not?


I'm from Rhode Island. Yes, it is a small state, and no I don't have a Boston accent......maybe occasionally.  I played volleyball at the collegiate level and coached high school for several years.  This isn't impressive...because I still can't jump. I haven't played in years, but usually have some sort of group text going with my teammates reminiscing of the "glory days."    I've switched to biking.  I love it.  I like to tinker on bikes and then fix my mess-ups.  I'm not good at biking, but I pretend to be.  I've done several long-distance tours including a cross country trip and then a ride along the continental divide from Mexico to Canada. I've had serious injuries from cycling including a reconstructed shoulder and broken hip. So yes, I appreciate your pain and injuries. I know it sucks, but I also know it can and will get better, it just takes hard work. I'm sarcastic. Ask anyone that has worked with me in the clinic. I like a good laugh, like where your cheeks hurt and your stomach cramps.  Swatches....you may not know it but they are making a comeback. Check out the picture to the left. That's a dinosaur on the watch. My family is bringing them back into style one wrist at a time. I'm always up for an adventure. The type of adventure when you don't know what is going to happen. Just show up and roll with the punches. I'm anal about research. There is too much snake oil in this world and people spending money on it. I like my evidence and use it in all of my decision making. I opened this clinic with all of the above in mind. I know what it takes to overcome injuries. I base everything I do on available evidence and create my treatment plans around it while trying to keep it as fun as possible. You shouldn't be nervous about your PT appointment. It should be something to look forward to because you're one step closer to pain relief and getting back to the activities you love.