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Shoulder Pain

Why is shoulder pain so complicated?

Shoulders are complicated structures.  They are comprised of a number of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles that work in union to provide you with a vast amount of motion and functional ability.  Most of the stability through the complex is performed by muscles.  In fact the only bony connection to your axial skeleton (spine/ribcage) is through the little collar bone. When something goes astray and starts causing pain it can be difficulty to identify the root cause.  ​

What is causing my shoulder pain?

This can often be difficult to answer on your own.  Shoulder pain can be caused by acute trauma (a fall, sports injury, dislocation, fracture, and rotator cuff tear just to name a few).  Sometimes shoulder pain seems to come out of nowhere.  These types of pain can be related to posture, strength deficits, range of motion limitations.  You could also have issues in your neck that are causing referred pain into the shoulder and arm.  On top of this there can be referred pain other parts of the body, specifically your heart and gallbladder. 

Physical therapy and shoulder pain

Our physical therapists work with you to determine the exact cause of the shoulder pain.  Most of the time, but not always, the issue lies within the shoulder complex itself.  Whether being tightness or weakness that is aggravating the joint.  Occasionally the answer lies elsewhere.  We have had patients that have "tried everything" and nothing seemed to work.  Turns out they played softball and had extremely tight hip and lower trunk.  This did not allow for proper deceleration of a throw through their body and increased the demand on parts of the rotator cuff which could not handle the load.  In this case the shoulder was not to blame but pain manifested there.

So whether you are in need of post surgical rehab or are on more of a fact finding mission to determine the source of your pain we are here to help.  Contact us today with any questions.