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We help people of all ages get back to the activities they love.  Have you been told from a prior health care practitioner that "there is nothing more we can do," or "just rest and take these muscle relaxers," or "your back is a wreck?" 


If these sound all too familiar, know that you have a choice and don't have to accept this as your future. If you want to maintain your independence or become more mobile and continue with the activities you love, we can help you achieve those goals.

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"I came to Dr. Sam Fischer after I tweaked my foot running a half marathon. Sam did several tests on my hips, legs, and feet, inspected my training shoes, and quickly determined that I had most likely strained a joint in my foot due to some funky movement in my hips (WAY better news than the stress fracture I thought I had). He gave me several stretches to work on to increase movement in my hips and my ankles. After doing those stretches for a few weeks, I've been virtually pain-free. Besides being very knowledgeable, Sam was also very kind and easy to chat with."

- R. O.

"I have been dealing chronic hip and back pain for years, and have seen various physical therapists with only minor improvement. Within a week of doing the exercises Sam recommended I have been able to sit crossed leg on the floor without pain (something I haven't been able to do for years). He is excellent at pin-pointing my problem and giving me the knowledge I need to resolve it."


- R. W.

"Sam is by far the best physical therapist I've been treated by in Fort Collins. Evidence-based, knowledgeable, goes the extra mile, tech savvy (his p/t exercise videos are on his website, which is a godsend for forgetful people like me), clear at explaining the "why" and "how" of your issue, and all around friendly guy who really works with you. He's changed the way I approach certain activities for the better because he's able to see when the status quo way of doing things is incorrect, and why. His treatment is helping me and I'm back to running and biking, with the added bonus that I know if I start hurting again, I've got Sam to go to. He's great. Go."

-R. C.

"I have had 6 spinal fusions and 2 shoulder operations so have seen a lot of physical therapists in my day. Hands down my experience with Dr. Sam has been the best. I appreciate that he has such a wealth of experience (and education) and can think outside the box. He helps me to understand mechanics better than I have in the past and has designed exercises that take into consideration the lack of movement I have already. If you need an amazing PT, call Choice City!"


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